Gentle Anarchy

Have you noticed the increasing pressure to move faster through life? …
I noticed it the other day when I went supermarket shopping. The car park is always quite frenetic, and once I got inside I realised that there was an air of barely concealed hysteria, of people desperate to get the things they wanted, in a minimal amount of time so they could move on (topple forward) to the next activity.

Picking up on this, I made a conscious decision not to join in. I didn’t want to join the frenetic canter through the aisles to the finish line checkouts, emerging victorious from the fray with my spoils. So, I went Slow.

I took my time, meandered almost! I read the labels, took time to make my choices and revelled in the sensuous nature of so many beautiful foods vying for my attention. It was glorious!

But I annoyed a whole bunch of people. I was jostled a number of times, and could feel the collective ‘pushing’, trying to force me to move quicker. Such an interesting experience which has given me so much to think about in other situations…

Seriously though, if you want try some gentle anarchy, try going deliberately slow. It’s fascinating!! Have you got any experiences of gentle anarchy that you’d like to share? I’d love to hear from you 😍

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