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Slow Living Squad Pip + Luis. Bristol U.K. Slow Living in an urban setting. Allowing and appreciating moments of Slow in a busy life. Come join in and share…

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Slow Merchandise .- an oxymoron

We realise inherent irony in offering products to buy in our shop whilst promoting a slower lifestyle.

The way we see it is that we want to offer visual reminders of key messages we are sharing.

The solution? Conscious Consumption.

Conscious Consumption is a massive part of our lives and underpins what we are offering here.

  1. Our products are produced with utmost care:
  •       We choose products that have been ethically manufactured, preferably organic cotton.
  •       We hand draw our designs, we make our screens ourselves and screen print by hand using water based inks.
  •       All items are handprinted to order by us in our home studio. This means no waste.
  •       We use minimal, paper packaging.

2. We encourage you to order our products if you love them and they will bring you joy.

  • By reducing the stuff you don’t need, there could be more space in your life for products that genuinely add to your life.
  • We hope that our lovingly crafted products would be a welcome addition to your life, sparking joy and reminding you that Slow Living Light moments can be a part of your every day life.
  • And if they don’t, then don’t buy them!

Conscious Consumption. This is probably the most counter intuitive sales pitch you’ll ever come across… but we’re ok with that. 🙂