Join in!

Do you remember being at school and starting a gang in the playground? That feeling of marching around together, arm in arm, recruiting members for your gang is hard to forget. Such a feeling of inclusiveness, of belonging to something.

Well, this is our 21st century, grown up version of marching round the playground!

Do you ever feel slightly out of step with the rest of society?

Do you ever feel tired of the relentless pressure to consume, do, be & then consume some more?

Do you ever feel that you’re stuck on a cosmic hamster wheel, moving faster & faster but feeling only stressed, frazzled & overwhelmed?

If any of the above rings true to you, come & join our squad.

We’re not a self help group and can’t promise any quick fixes or simple solutions. What we are proposing is simply a safe space to share experiences, whether you’ve already slowed down or are just wondering how on earth to start or whether you are wondering what the hell slow living even is…

How to sign up:

Come join our squad!  Sign up in the bar … we promise that we will never ever share your details or bombard you with spam.  We will just keep in touch with the odd newsletter here and there. We will also send you details on how to get your free membership card to the Slow Living Squad (we told you we were serious about the club!) together with a members code for 10% of everything in our Slow Living Squad Shop.